Google Home Mini Top Touch Function Is Being Permanently Removed

Google will 'permanently remove' Home Mini feature that led to constant recording

Google to disable touch-activated listening on Home Mini following reports of constant recording

Google has made a decision to "permanently remove" the feature that led its smart speaker "Home Mini" accidentally record several times a day without being given any command from the user.

Google has stopped its Home Mini speakers responding when users touch them.

Artem Russakovskii of Android Police reported that the Google Home Mini he was reviewing was randomly and nearly constantly recording sounds in his home and transmitting them to Google.

The search giant said it would apply the update across all Home Mini speakers by the end of 15 October.

The Home Mini smart speaker isn't even out, and Google is already putting out a major privacy-related fire. Google collected the device from him and then said this week that there was a bug that caused the issue. Android Police identified the error on one of its review units, and Google resolved the problem before any Home Mini units could actually ship out to customers (aside from however many it gave out at events). Something creepy happened two days later, when Russakovskii noticed that the device is getting activated repeatedly and recording randomly. The Home Mini is designed as a miniature version of the Google Home that is tiny enough to sit anywhere in your house and can play music or make calls and other smart functions with the help of Google Assistant. It turns out that Google is willing to cripple the device rather than take any risks.

This raised a serious privacy concern and Google acknowledged earlier this week that the bug affected a small number of units.

You can still tap the top of the speaker to control the volume and mute the Google Home Mini, Google says. You can still adjust the volume by using the touch control on the side of the device. The company assures that only some of the devices given out during the event were affected, while the pre-ordered Home Mini devices are safe to use. Doing so will, however, affect the accuracy of the device's voice recognition.

With the top button gone, the Home Mini now has to be activated entirely by voice, which isn't really a huge limitation since it's created to be a voice assistant. It is expected they will try and push out a full fix for when the product starts shipping on October the 19. All clips that the device recorded are gone now.

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