Apple reportedly working with LG on a foldable phone for 2020

Jony Ive's New Yorker Interview

Apple's Jony Ive Meets With The New Yorker to Discuss iPhone X Jobs

Now rumours have surfaced claiming that Apple is working with Apple for a foldable iPhone.

A display which folds completely in half could see a new generation of smartphones which fold open to the size of small tablets, although it is yet to be seen if such a mechanism would be compact and attractive enough for Apple's notoriously high standards. Apple accounts for about 1.3% of Moon Capital Management LLC's investment portfolio, making the stock its 21st biggest holding.

Well guess what: Jony Ive, the man who's probably ultimately responsible for the notch, said in an interview that the iPhone X design is only the beginning.

The publication notes that LG has already created a "task force" to build a foldable OLED display for a future iPhone model, whereas LG Innotek has been tasked with creating a "rigid flexible printed circuit board".

That is if a new report from South Korea turns out to be accurate.

According to Mr Kuo, the reasoning behind Apple to add the TrueDepth camera system to the iPad Pro lineup would be to offer the users an experience that would be consistent with the iPhone X.

First we heard of Samsung's plans to produce a smartphone with a bending, foldable screen, and now it's Apple's turn for a lap of the rumour mill.

LG Display has been toiling away on its foldable OLED panel prototype, completing it about 3 years ago and upgrading yield rate and durability in the time since then. In fact, some might say that Ming-Chi Kuo knows Apple every move even before Apple decides what to do.

This report follows the rumours from July that suggested Apple's plan to apparently invest as much as $2.6 billion in support of LG's new OLED plant (a deal that hasn't been finalized as of yet). The highly rumoured Galaxy X that is said to be featuring a foldable display is expected to launch next year.

Although this is all just rumors and should be taken with the appropriate amount of salt, it makes sense that Apple would use LG rather than Samsung, as that could help break Samsung's OLED monopoly.

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