American hostage Caitlan Coleman, family rescued after captivity in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Captives

Pakistan's army says Canadian man, family rescued from 'terrorist custody'

It is not clear how much Pakistan may have aided in the rescue efforts for Coleman and her family.

"We welcome media reports that a family including USA citizens has been released from captivity", a United States embassy spokesman in Islamabad told AFP, without confirming the identity of the released hostages.

The initial word came from a Pakistani Army statement and was confirmed by USA officials.

Coleman and her husband had been held for five years and one day, according to the USA official. The couple had two more children born in captivity.

"All hostages were recovered safe and sound and are being repatriated to the country of their origin", it added.

They were captured by terrorists from Afghanistan during 2012 and kept as hostages there.

Boyle, 34, and Coleman, 31, were kidnapped by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network in October 2012. They had started their trip in Russian Federation, then traveled to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, before finally ending up in Afghanistan. The group released two videos of the hostages.

"We ask that you are merciful to their people and God willing they will release us", she said in the video, addressing Trump in December. But the group also operates like a criminal network. "But that will have to change, and that will change immediately".

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