Amazon letting teens create their own account with parents' permission

OMG! Teens now get more freedom to shop on Amazon

Amazon now lets teenagers shop via separate logins attached to their parents' accounts

But fret not, kids aren't given carte blanche to buy what they want - parents are able to decide on an approval process. Teens can also be assigned pre-set spending limits per order as an alternative to having orders reviewed.

"As a parent of a teen, I know how they crave independence, but at the same time that has to be balanced with the convenience and trust that parents need". No worries parents, the orders won't go through until you approve it. But if they do pay for Prime, teens will also get access to free shipping, streaming video and Prime's other perks. Though many college students may come from households that share a Prime Membership, the option for a reduced-price Prime Student membership could be an attractive one for students living on their own.

In a survey of teens ages 13-17 (known in the survey as young Gen-Z) 81% of young Gen Z respondents said they preferred to shop in stores, while 40% said they will only shop in stores this holiday season. To get started, parents can visit or sign up via a text or email invitation from their teens. Amazon is trying to replicate that feeling for the digital generation. This should work out good for parents and kids. The new feature gives teens their own log-in information using their parents account. They can approve the purchase through text or their account.

Capturing teen customers might be more hard than previously imagined.

Prime boasts many benefits, such as instant access to thousands of movies and TV series and the ability to stream music, not to mention special discounts and offers on a wide variety of products.

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