When Facebook, Instagram went down, people didn't know what to do


DS PANIC Hundreds of Facebook users are complaining they cannot access the site

Facebook is aware of the issue, but hasn't provided any more information about what might be behind the outage.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, was also down for a short time.

Social networking giant Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram on Wednesday suffered a massive outage in different parts of the world.

The social media sites are back up and running (for most people - some are still living in 2004), so you'll probably read this from a Facebook referral.

Some outlets, like PIX11, are reporting the outage has also affected Instagram, another one of Facebook's properties.

Facebook confirmed the outage, saying: "We're aware that some people are now having trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram".

Facebook is down for hundreds of users across the United States.

Down Detector, which monitors outages, shows that almost 10,000 people reported a problem with Facebook today.

According to downdetector.com, Facebook has been "having issues since 8:20 AM EDT".

Users on both desktops and mobile devices are complaining about the issues, turning to Twitter to vent their frustrations because, well, why not? The website's map shows heavy outages in the U.S., Peru, Europe and other regions spread from Canada to Australia.

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