USS McCain Commanding Officers Relieved of Duty After Deadly Collision

Navy relieves of duties top officers of USS John S. McCain after collision

Top officers of USS John McCain fired for 'poor judgement'

United States sacks top navy commanders after deadly collision involving USS John S. McCain near Singapore.

The U.S. Navy on Tuesday fired the USS John S. McCain's top two officers, calling the warship's deadly August collision with an oil tanker "preventable".

The Pacific-based US Seventh Fleet confirmed commanding officer Alfredo J Sanchez and executive officer Jessie L Sanchez were "relieved of their duties" on Wednesday.

Several other officers and sailors have also been relieved of duty or reprimanded following the USS McCain crash.

The McCain incident followed another collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a commercial container ship in June, which killed seven sailors.

"Cmdr. A. Sanchez was reassigned to Commander, Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ) and Cmdr".

Vice-Admiral Joseph Aucoin who was a Seventh Fleet chief was removed after his ability to command was put into question, this was after the US Navy in August ordered a fleet-wide probe. Following in May, a South Korean fishing vehicle collided with a guided-missile cruiser, Lake Champlain.

"The commanding officer exercised poor judgement, and the executive officer exercised poor leadership of the ship's training programme", the USS Seventh Fleet said in a press release.

Some Navy officials have cited strains from frequent extended deployments, delayed maintenance and almost a decade of budget constraints and reductions in resources devoted to training as factors. J. Sanchez was reassigned to the Ship Repair Facility at Yokosuka, home port of the 7th Fleet, the Navy said.

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