Trump Won't Get Royal Welcome During UK Visit



He was not aware of any other discussions on a separate working visit, Reuters reports.

The US President was originally invited on a full-blown state visit, which would include staying with the Queen in Buckingham Palace.

President Trump accepted the invitation for a state visit in January when Theresa May visited the White House.

But following a huge backlash from the British public, anti-Trump protests, and a petition to ban him, it was struck off the agenda.

Instead of being granted a reception with the Queen, the billionaire's trip will take the form of a "working visit" and USA diplomats are working through the finer details, according to the Evening Standard.

Downing street has not yet commented on the proposed visit by the controversial president.

Foreign Office sources confirmed there were no current plans for a state visit but said a working visit "could happen".

The American president will be in the Capital around the time that the United States embassy will open near Battersea Power Station.

Donald Trump will visit Britain early next year but it will not be a State Visit and he will not stay with the Queen, it emerged today.

There will be no state visit or glitzy banquet for Donald Trump as they are usually reserved for a president's second term.

"Exact dates for President Trump to visit have not yet been arranged".

In the meantime Mr Trump has visited Emmanuel Macron in Paris for Bastille Day festivities, held talks with Angela Merkel in Hamburg, toured the Vatican and met the Pope, visited Belgium's King Philippe at the Royal palace in Brussels and held talks with European Union leaders at their headquarters.

The spokesman said: "We have extended an invitation that has been accepted".

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