New version of the Tamagotchi launched on 20th anniversary

    Credit Bandai America

Tamagotchi Credit Bandai America

Nineties kids, rejoice! The makers of Tamagotchi announced on Tuesday that the popular pocket pet will be making its return.

This marks the 3rd edition of Tamagotchi's 20th-anniversary re-release, but like the ones before it, it sports the same graphics and faceplates but comes in at half the size.

Tamagotchi is coming back after a Japan-only revival earlier this year, and starting November 5 we'll all be able to get our hands on one of the new models.

The new version of the egg-shaped device is slightly smaller than the original, which has upsides and downsides.

Since its initial debut, the company said it's sold over 82 million Tamagotchis globally.

The Entertainer, Smyths, and Toys 'R Us will all have them in stock, should you be looking for a new/old way to interrupt important business meetings and generally not pay attention to people that are trying to talk to you. "It's such an honour to bring back one of the most beloved toys in a way that captures the magic and joy of a generation while embracing the sensibilities of new generations".

Bandai builds on dreams, adds to the fun, and strives to inspire kids of all ages around the world, every day!

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