Kerala government soft on terror, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

Hadiya and her husband Shafin Jahan

Islamic movement - Popular Front of India - suspected as NIA investigates 32 alleged 'love jihad' cases in Kerala

The Supreme Court had earlier asked the investigation agency to probe "love jihad" case in Kerala following a petition by a Kerala-based Muslim man whose marriage with a Hindu woman last December was annulled by the Kerala High Court.

'Kerala police has now sent the details of 92 cases, but in the initial phase the agency was concentrating only on 32 cases, which involved Hindu women, ' said an NIA officer. "In May, the Kerala High Court" t had annulled the marriage, acting on a petition filed by her father, who claimed that Muslim organisations planned to take her overseas to get her to join the Islamic State group. Both also specified that they were not coerced. The agency will also need to find evidence that the conversion was taking place to train them for terror activities.

Athira, who returned to Hinduism, submitted before the HC that she was a victim of love jihad and was taken to Sathya Sarani, an institution for converting persons to Islam and recruiting them to IS. She said that she had been influenced by Zakir Naik videos and after observing her Muslim friends, she converted to Islam.

Another woman by the same name from Palakad eloped with a Muslim man and converted in a bid to marry him.

The NIA suspects the role of Popular Front of India in both the cases.

The role of Malappuram Sainaba A.S, president of PFI's women's wing, the National Women's Front (NWF) is being probed in the Athira and Hadiya cases.

The police has till so far furnished a list of 90 such conversions wherein "gullible" girls were allegedly converted to Islam and in most of the cases there was a pattern that points towards inducements and psychological brainwashing by certain radical groups, sources said.

Meanwhile, a Christian helpline, set up with the support of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) associated Hindu helpline to prevent "Love Jihad", had filed a petition in Kerala High Court seeking to be made part of the case involving Sivasakthi Yogavidya Kendram. We reported her case to the Supreme Court.

An irate court told the lawyer of the wife's family, "Don't say love jihad in every here and there".

Also among the 24 missing Kerala youth is Ayesha, a Christian named Sonia who embraced Islam just before her marriage to Rashid.

The Kerala High Court warned that crying out "Love Jihad" for every inter-religious case of marriage or conversion that comes up, was not appropriate.

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