IPhone, Galaxy…911? Porsche joins the car-subscription race

2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Porsche Kicks Off An On-Demand Subscription Service Called "Porsche Passport" For Metro Atlanta

Actually using Porsche Passport will be done through the new app, available in Android and iOS versions.

Porsche today has announced the launch of its new app-based vehicle subscription service, Porsche Passport.

Members of the Launch tier will have access to eight Porsche vehicles at all times, including the 718 Boxster and Cayman S, the Macan S, and Cayenne.

The month-to-month subscription program offers frequent vehicle exchanges, unrestricted mileage, and on-demand access to the different Porsche models via a mobile app. According to a report from Bloomberg, Porsche is launching an intriguing new subscription program that will enable auto aficionados to get behind the wheel of various Porsche vehicles for relatively little money - with relatively, of course, being the operative word. "Catering to customers' desire to experience our sports cars in new ways is a part of our core strategy", said President and CEO Klaus Zellmer of PCNA.

The second tier, called "Accelerate", costs $3,000 per month and opens up access to all 22 Porsche vehicles on sale today such as the 911 Carrera S, Panamera 4S, Macan GTS, and Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Foremost, no matter which tier, Porsche covers the vehicle tax and registration, insurance, maintenance, and even detailing services, for a fixed monthly fee.

Interested? Well, I hope you live in Atlanta, Georgia, because that's where Porsche Passport will be offered first.

Porsche Passport provides white-glove vehicle delivery in metro Atlanta through two membership plans - "Launch" and "Accelerate".

"Porsche Passport will provide increased choice and flexibility for new target groups in the Atlanta market", said Vince Zappa, President of Clutch Technologies. Upon approval, members may begin to have cars delivered anywhere in the Atlanta metropolitan area starting November 2017. It's not exactly chump change, but if you have an affinity for luxurious performance vehicles, this seems like a great way to enjoy the Porsche experience without having to shell out six figures. After being approved, a one-time activation fee of $500 enables subscribers to choose from a variety of Porsche models to drive as well as swap based on different needs or preferences. The possibility of future market expansion will be determined after the pilot program.

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