'I'm First Lady, OK': Trump's First Wife Hits Raw Nerve, Melania Retaliates

Trump and Ivana Trump

I want to be 'first mother,' not first lady: First look at Ivana Trump's new book, revealing, but not a smear

Raising Trump, a memoir about raising children with Donald Trump more than a quarter of a decade ago, was apparently unapproved by the President before its publication.

But when Melania used this familiar criticism - calling Trump as "self-serving" and "attention-seeking" - she wasn't talking about her husband, the president.

The spat broke out after Ivana Trump, Mr. Trump's first wife, gave a television interview on ABC's Good Morning America during which she claimed "basically first Trump wife, I'm first lady'".

Ivana revealed that she speaks to the president nearly every two weeks, and that she even has a direct number to the White House.

Ivana says she's 1st Lady.

"If they are losers", Ivana Trump said of potential Trump family Twitter targets, "they are losers, OK? Even I AM SPEECHLESS". "So I really don't have an answer on that".

Despite her obvious disdain for Maples, Ivana denied reports that she left her ex-husband's January inauguration early to avoid an "awkward run-in with Marla freaking Maples at the party that night".

'There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex, this is unfortunately only attention-seeking and self-serving noise'.

Donald Trump's least presidential moments so far.

It was her first visit to a drug treatment center to visit families since her husband took office. "She's a showgirl. Never achieve anything in her life", Ivana said.

Melania Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham responded to Ivana's remarks, saying that the former was "honoured by her role as the First Lady of the United States".

"But I wouldn't go on that show, dancing in those tiny dresses with the boobs and butt hanging out", she added.

When she found herself attacked in public by the first Mrs Trump, her scathing statement managed to take some moral high ground: "Mrs Trump has made the White House a home for [their son] Barron and The President". "I went through hell, and then I was expected to be okay with her being around my children?" Can I negotiate? Can I entertain?

"My mother is an exuberant woman, filled with a passion for life and adventure that made it hard for her to stay in one place for long", daughter Ivanka Trump wrote in her 2009 book, "The Trump Card". Christopher Ruddy, CEO of the Newsmax website and one of the president's longtime friends, said he thinks the American people respect the fact that the first lady put her son's needs first.

Grisham added Trump also has an interest in helping remove the stigma and shame attached to drug use and recovery, another reason for her Tuesday visit.

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