Change gun laws and retain Second Amendment rights

AK-47 assault rifle

AK-47 assault rifle

And, nothing could have stopped the Las Vegas killings. They're legal and originally were meant to help people with limited hand mobility fire a semi-automatic without the individual trigger pulls required. He had 23 weapons in his hotel room.

The head of the National Rifle Association Sunday wouldn't commit to a new law banning bump stocks in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre. As much as it hurts to say it, our nation comes together in unity when tragedy strikes. "We've just got to step up and maybe now is a good time". There are thousands of unlicensed gun-owners out there, and since we know nothing about them, we have no idea how they are going to use them. "So it really is the same thing each press of the trigger results in one bullet being fired, does not change any of the mechanics". "We must take action". Evans says the militarizing of weapons is something that needs to stop for civilians in our country.

The organization which holds a powerful sway over members of Congress dismissed some of the initial response from lawmakers who have pressed for more gun control. The NRA wants easy access to weaponry of any kind and they're not about to care about this tragedy when they can continue to profit off of it. But, those people aren't major forces in the political climate. "I think we ought to be smart enough here in the state of Nevada to figure that out". The Second Amendment has been perverted into meaning something it wasn't intended for. I believe anyone who passes a strong background check and is legally and safely able to own a weapon should be able to. But both the massacre that happened at the hands of a man and the devastation at the hands of three hurricanes were out of our control, and I think that we need to pay attention to the fact that there's some forces out there that when it becomes out of control, all we can do is prepare as best we can if we know what's coming and keep our eyes open, but not be thinking we can actually control it.

Guns don't kill people.

"There's only one conclusion you can come to, and that's the stranglehold that the gun lobby has on the Republican party in the house", she said.

I'll gladly give up my true right to a gun if the left will give up violence in the womb, in some sports, on TV and in the movies, in electronic games and in politics. Until we start, awful shootings like Las Vegas will continue. Gun control activists must mount pressure on Congress to act now.

What are we doing wrong? Banning guns would be against everything the Founding Fathers stood for.

If Congress won't strictly regulate when and how people can get guns, and let's be honest, it won't, then maybe we should look to outside pressures.

The first amendment of the Constitution is arguably the most important, and it still has limits.

This is the time for the leaders in the parties who make the laws to talk about gun ownership.

But what about the Second Amendment's requirement that the "right to bear arms shall not be infringed?"

It's okay if I have to wait a little longer to buy a weapon because our background checks take longer.

Reduce violence with technology: One way to reduce gun violence would be to require that all new guns sold be fitted with personalizing technology (fingerprint recognition, etc.) that prevents anyone other than the original legal buyer from firing the gun. Close more gun show loopholes?

He said they should pay that person a visit and ask about possible ties to radical groups like the KKK or ISIS.

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