Attorney Lisa Bloom Planned To Discredit Harvey Weinstein's Accusers

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein apologises after sexual harassment claims

Lisa Bloom, Harvey Weinstein's Adviser, Criticizes His Behavior Toward Women

Adding to several women to whom Harvey Weinstein allegedly paid settlements in order to silence sexual harassment allegations-ranging from assistants to actresses like Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan-local Fox News reporter (of FOX 11 in LA) Lauren Sivan has come out to Yashar Ali (who broke the story about sexual harassment claims against Fox News anchor Eric Bolling) with a new one.

Elizabeth Landers of CNN tweeted that she asked Trump how the allegations against Weinstein differed from his comments on the Access Hollywood tape, to which Trump reportedly responded by calling his comments on the tape "locker room talk", a phrase he used during the presidential debates in 2016 after the tape was released.

The allegation follows a shocking New York Times report Thursday morning that Weinstein made large payments to eight women who accused him of sexual misconduct.

On Friday night Emily Smith, the editor of U.S. website Page Six, revealed that she had spoken with Weinstein on Thursday. "Though I'm trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go". "I appreciate the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it", he said.

This issue came up on other Sunday news shows.

While he is making some apologies, the Hollywood heavyweight still plans to sue the NYT for $50 million. Sivan says Weinstein ejaculated quickly into a potted plant that was in the vestibule and then proceeded to zip up his trousers and they walked back into the kitchen. After agreeing to take a tour of the club's restaurant with Weinstein, she accompanied him downstairs, where he dismissed the Kitchen staff and, Sivan says, attempted to kiss her. Weinstein then said to Sivan, "Well, can you just stand there and shut up".

After the incident, Sivan claimed that Weinstein called her office the next day to tell her he "had a great time last night".

Two important members of his crisis team quit Saturday, including Los Angeles lawyer Lisa Bloom, who had been criticised for representing Weinstein.

Weinstein was a major supporter for Hillary Clinton's failed run for the presidency, donating tens of thousands of dollars to her campaign and throwing celebrity fundraisers for the Democratic nominee.

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