NATO Inaugurates New Force to Counter Russia

He mentioned a Russian Belarus operation in September involving thousands of troops tanks and aircraft held in Belarus on NATO's eastern edge. The drills include maneuvers designed to hunt down and destroy armed spies. File image

NATO Secretary General meets President Iohannis in Romania

It is assumed that a small group of ground, air and naval forces, consisting of the troops of ten North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, including Italy, Canada, and also Romania, will be deployed in Romania in addition to 900 U.S. military men already stationed in the country. Ships and airplanes will be deployed in the region. Some alliance troops have remained to train and advise Afghan forces under the NATO-led Resolute Support mission. After all there were such a great deals, so much private capital and state investment in these resorts.

NATO should not let Russian Federation strengthen its presence in divided Libya as Moscow's involvement in the peace settlement process in Syria has only created an "even more hard situation", NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday.

Britain will deploy fighter planes to Romania to add to Canadian and Italian aircraft already there.

The hosting of the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Kyiv in 2020 is a strong signal of solidarity and support of the Alliance for Ukraine's fight for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

At the same time, Stoltenberg said: "Russia is our neighbor".

An analyst at the Polish Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Maciej Kowalski said: "The Aegis Ashore system would add another level of deterrence".

The Zapad, or West, games were a show of its latest weaponry and its ability to quickly mass soldiers on NATO's borders.

Romanian and Bulgarian surface vessels will continue to patrol the Black Sea.

Among the topics approached at the session, there are the support for NATO's actions in Afghanistan, the closer NATO-EU cooperation, the stability and security in the Black Sea area, the risks of the instability in Eastern Asia, and the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq.

For most of this year, NATO, the USA and Russian Federation have each made cases for why troops and military equipment has slowly assembled to Europe's east and Russia's west.

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