Rep. Engel Compares Trump To Kim Jong Un

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Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) speaks in Phoenix in January.

As the warmongering rhetoric between North Korea and the U.S. escalated this week, South Koreans living on the frontline of a future potential conflict admitted they were more afraid of President Trump's unpredictability than the ruthlessness of neighbouring dictator Kim Jong-un. "You have this guy making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there".

Britain, America's top European ally, could formally refuse Donald Trump's call for help in waging war against North Korea, so long as Kim Jong-un does not strike Hawaii or the U.S. mainland. Well, he's acting more responsibly than this guy is.

In a short interview after the speech, Ellison dialed back the Kim-Trump comparison.

"I know people say the rhetoric wasn't stopping the advancement of their weapons, but we're tracking it and we have the technology to intercept", McCaskill said.

On Thursday, Kim Jong-un threatened to strike waters around the United States base in Guam.

"I've traveled and (seen) the anti-ballistic missiles that we have in Alaska, South Korea, Guam as part of my service on the Armed Services Committee", she added. "What we need is someone bringing calm to the situation, not spiking it".

The Republican National Committee took issue with Ellison's analysis of the two political leaders. Michael Ahrens, the RNC's rapid-response director, sent the video of Ellison's comment to reporters, calling it "insane" and and challenging Democrats to respond. Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat, later retracted that but still said he thinks Trump is "irresponsible".

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