LG's V30 will be world's first phone with f/1.6 lens

LG V30 Camera

LG V30 replaces second screen with floating bar

Unfortunately, users who might be planning to go with the LG V30 Plus instead of the LG V30 will be disappointed, as the LG V30 Plus is only planned to be released in South Korea. It is also speculated that the LG V30 camera phone will have the ratio of 18:9 that will be created to cover DCI-P3 colour space up to 109 per cent.

LG will finally unveil the LG V30 on August 31 during IFA 2017, but it will not be the only LG smartphone that will be announced at the event.

LG confirmed earlier this month that the company will be launching its #V30 smartphone on August 31, right after the official IFA event concludes. Sources indicate that LG will be introducing slightly different features on each handset, which will respectively clock in at 64GB and 128GB capacities. This will not only be a first of its kind for LG to replicate the successful strategy used by Samsung and Apple to launch two flagships with standard and plus size options, but it will also steal some limelight from Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Well, we are just doing guesswork here.

LG V30 replaces second screen with floating bar
LG teases V30's software prowess: Floating Bar, Always On Display, and Face/Voice recognition

It's well-known that Samsung's AMOLED screens are some of the best in terms of smartphones, but LG isn't too far behind. The V30 Plus will apparently only be launching in South Korea, with the report not indicating if an worldwide launch is even being considered. The exact difference was not specified, but one theory is that the LG V30 will feature wireless charging, while the LG V30 Plus will feature Hi-Fi audio playback.

It's all coming down to this, is LG V30 Plus worth its price? Aimed for the South Korean market, it won't differ much from the LG V30: aside from basically sporting the same bezel-busting design, it will also have the same internals, as in a Snapdragon 835 chip, 6 gigs of RAM, and a 3,200mAh battery powering the lights. To that end, LG has also revealed that the V30 will be physically smaller than its predecessor, but still have a 6-inch OLED display.

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