Crazy Theory Suggests That Earth Might Get Hit By Planet Nibiru Soon

The Times Diary August 9 2017 12:01am The Times What a swell party this is Patrick Kidd

The Times Diary August 9 2017 12:01am The Times What a swell party this is Patrick Kidd

The occurrence of once in a lifetime celestial event, Solar Eclipse 2017 dubbed as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21 this month is likely to start the chain of reactions causing Doomsday.

But then, one is sent into a fix because scientists deny Nibiru's existence.

"Now, I don't know about that", he adds, before spending a few minutes discussing faux research about Planet X.

However, Meade believes - or is rather convinced - that he is right, after having stumbled upon some passages from The Bible to justify his claims. Now Meade has made his claim that in October Nibiru would crash into the Earth.

The upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 is a sign from above of the impending doom, claim fanatical Christian conspiracy theorists. The writings are present in Isaiah chapter 13 verses 9-10, "See, the day of the Lord is coming - a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger - to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it". As believed by the conspiracy theorists, the gravitational force of the rogue orb Nibiru had interrupted the orbits of other planets of our solar system hundreds of years ago, and the next trouble making passage of the globe into the inner solar system can crop up anytime soon.

'The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, is a major - huge - harbinger, ' he told the Daily Star. The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will stop showing their light. "The rising Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light". This, among the ones revolving around number 33, is Meade's proof that our end is near. These occur about every 33 months.

The mysterious planet is believed to be home to a race of ancient aliens called the Annunaki, who are thought to be behind the creation of human race.

"Images and data from potentially as many as millions of people will be collected and analysed by scientists for years to come", Carrie Black from the US National Science Foundation said last month.

"This indeed is an incredible omen and a frightful sign", according to Meade.

'Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax, ' Nasa has said previously.

Author of the UFO Investigations Manual - Nigel Watson - supports Sitchin's idea.

That comet's first appearance actually coincides with the origins of the whole Nibiru thing - the first time online newsgroups heard about this particular "wayward planet" was from a woman called Nancy Lieder in 1995. The result was the creation of the asteroid belt and planet Earth.

Diameter-wise, the sun is about 400 times the size of the moon, and the distance of the moon from the sun is about 400 times the distance of the moon from the earth.

"As an outcome of needing workers to carry out these mining operations they used genetics to create Homo Sapiens", Watson said.

Let's analyze what happened in 2012 and what are the chances of the recent predictions of 2017 doomsday.

The agency said if Nibiru were headed for an encounter with the Earth, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye.

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