Disney is working a Planes-like movie, due out in 2019

The Incredibles

Disney is working a Planes-like movie, due out in 2019

'Yesss is a new character who owns the website Buzzaholic, ' The Empire star revealed in a statement. When the Princesses discover the tiny intruder, they prepare to attack.

Olaf actor Josh Gad later ribbed Lasseter for the untitled and tentative films when they moved on to discussing "Frozen 2", set for November 2019. They welcome her into their fold after she sympathizes with the same problem they all have: everyone thinks a big, strong man solved all their problems. In order to save her skin, Vanellope tells the Princesses that she, too, is a Princess. There's also a joke where Merida (Brave) talks, but the other characters note that they can't understand her because she's from a different studio.

What follows is a laugh-out-loud hilarious send-up of Disney princess tropes. Mulan, Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Ariel, at al. are in the movie, and they're all voiced by their original actresses. They call him R2-D2 and then BB-8.

We then saw 3D spin-arounds of the Parr family and they looked very much like the characters we know and love from the 2004 original, just updated with modern animation. In a new interview with IGN he revealed "It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on".

"What separates "The Incredibles" from other superhero films is that it's fundamentally a film about family", Bird said a few minutes before bringing out actors Craig T. Nelson, who plays Mr. But director Brad Bird didn't have a lot of footage to share. He said technology has advanced so that they can finally show the characters as they wanted to present them: "They're still the same characters, but it's like having a new auto to drive".

The Incredibles family is dealing with the human parts of being heroes.

Those aren't the only powers little Jack Jack has. While Bob may be taking more of a stay-at-home dad role, Elastigirl will be at the forefront of the action.

"Incredibles 2" will be in theaters June 15, 2018. According to Comicbook.com, when his father Bob went to pick him up, Jack Jack split into five different versions of himself momentarily.

Pixar's other major upcoming sequel, "Toy Story 4", also got a tease but plot details were all but non-existent. Today he also announced that he will not be co-directing the new Toy Story 4 film with Josh Cooley, but instead announced that it will be directed exclusively by Josh Cooley (Riley's First Date). In the work-in-progress clip shows, Jack Jack is watching a program on TV where a robber is stealing from a business, and he notices through their sliding glass door that a raccoon is stealing from their trash can outside. He shared a video showing what he and his crew having been working on.

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