Taliban attack kills five Afghan police, injures 15

Afghan army soldier adjusts his uniform during an outdoor lesson at a training facility in the outskirts of Kabul Afghanistan

ISIS shifting focus to Afghanistan, threatens Central Asia – CIS anti-terrorism chief

Four foreign soldiers were also injured when the Afghan soldier opened fire on foreign troops in Mazar-i Sharif, an Afghan military spokesman told CNN.

After more than 15 years of war the Taliban control broad swaths of the country and the struggling Afghan security forces continue to take an nearly unsustainable amount of casualties as they battle to hold provincial capitals.

Camp Shaheen was the site of a major attack by Taliban militants in April, killing more than 130 Afghan Army personnel.

The NATO-led Resolute Support Mission said one Afghan soldier was also killed and another injured in the incident.

United States soldiers of Task Force Iron, taking part in Operation Resoulte Support, manuever a howitzer into position at Bost Airfield, Afghanistan, June 10.

A solitary #Afghan commando was killed after wounding seven us soldiers while training in Afghanistan.

According to the Long War Journal, the total number of Coalition deaths from green-on-blue attacks since January 1, 2008 is 152.

According to Danish, at least one policeman has been killed so far and three others are wounded.

The last attacker held out for hours inside a dining hall as security forces worked to evacuate kitchen staff sheltering nearby, Tabasim said.

An Afghan official says that at least one police officer has been killed after a group of attackers stormed the main police headquarters in eastern Paktia province.

The latest attack has occurred when the White House is prepared to send additional 4,000 American troops to Afghanistan to set up counter terror operations.

A spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry said "three foreign soldiers, possibly Americans" had been wounded during training at the base. The gunman was eventually killed later in the afternoon, he said.

The same report said the perception of USA soldiers toward their Afghan allies was equally unflattering.

A spokesman for the USA military command in Kabul said earlier comments by an Afghan official that Americans had been killed were incorrect.

Earlier this month, the Taliban claimed responsibility for killing three USA soldiers in eastern Afghanistan.

A Taliban spokesman praised the attack but did not claim responsibility. Mr Araam said the soldiers returned fire and killed the attacker.

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