Officer injured, San Francisco mall closed following fight

Brawl Shuts Down San Francisco Westfield Mall

Big brawl leads to lockdown of San Francisco mall

A mall in downtown San Francisco was temporarily put on lockdown Sunday evening following a massive brawl that left a police officer injured and several people detained.

Police were called at 6:43 p.m. and told of numerous fights at the Westfield San Francisco Centre at 865 Market St.

The first officers to arrive called for backup, Officer Robert Rueca said.

Police did not immediately disclose the details of what led to the fight.

The officer's injuries were minor, authorities said.

Some officers were seen struggling to maintain order during the melee and even being attacked by suspects.

Police said one juvenile was taken into custody; the person's age was not released.

The mall was locked down for a short time as a precaution, then closed for the night early while police tried to control the violence.

The brawl started between about two dozen people in the food court and grew from there, police said.

There was no indication what caused the brawl or exactly how many people were involved.

The mall is expected to open on schedule on Monday, June 26.

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