Mass food poisoning in Mosul camp: child dies

Mosul displaced: Hundreds of Iraqis ill with food poisoning in camp

Hundreds get food poisoning in Iraqi displaced camp

A displaced people's camp near Mosul in Iraq was recently hit by suspected food poisoning, making 100 people ill and costing a child life, according to BBC News.

Iraqi officials say at least two people have died after falling ill from an iftar meal in an IDP camp outside Mosul. At least 300 people remain in serious condition, he said.

"Ten of my family were poisoned", said a black-clad woman under a tent used as makeshift treatment center at the camp, with an intravenous rehydration drip in her arm.

The US-backed Iraqi forces have been battling the Islamic State group in Mosul since October previous year.

The food was prepared in a restaurant in Irbil and brought to the camp by a Qatari charity, it added.

Over 6000 people are now living at the U.N. Refugee Agency's Hassan Sham U2 site.

Most of the sick are children and the elderly after consuming a meal of rice, beans chicken, and a yogurt drink from an Erbil restaurant, Rudaw reported.

Erbil-based Dr. Hersh Qadir Barzinji told Rudaw that the symptoms included severe vomiting and dehydration, with the most critical cases taken to hospitals in Erbil and Khabat by ambulance.

RAF is among 12 organizations and 59 people put on what Saudi, Emirati and Bahraini officials described as a list of terror entities and individuals on Friday.

Irbil police chief Abdulhaleq Talaat said seven people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

The IS-held enclave in Mosul has shrunk to two districts along the western banks of the Tigris river - the densely populated Old City centre and the Medical City. The camp houses more than 6,235 people.

Mosul fell to IS in the summer 2014 as the militants swept over much of northern and western Iraq.

Eleven members of the Federal Police were also killed, The Associated Press reported, citing Iraqi army officials.

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