Kevin Millar launches home run in independent league game

CHS field in St. Paul Minn. Millar a former member of the World Series champion 2004 Boston Red Sox credits a previous

Rounding the bases one last time

Kevin Millar finished his baseball career with the St. Paul Saints of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball in 2010.

Millar did tease a potential batting practice home run Saturday night, as he posted old and new photos of he and Murray the morning before.

In that one at bat on Saturday night in St. Paul, Millar went yard. He used it as a springboard to his eventual career in Major League Baseball.

The best run of Millar's major league career was clearly 2003-2005 with the Boston Red Sox, with a World Series title in 2004 as the ideal ending after an epic ALCS comeback against the hated New York Yankees.

Kevin Millar hasn't played in a major league game since 2009, but you wouldn't know it looking at that ball he pumped over the fence.

Millar was part of the team's 25th anniversary, where they brought players back from the 1993 team.

Batting seventh as the designated hitter for the Saints, Millar stepped into the batter's box against Winnipeg starter Zack Dodson in the second inning.

"Probably one of the best feelings I've had in a long time", Millar said.

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