Germany's Aldi unveils major United States expansion

Low-cost grocery chain Aldi plans more US stores

German grocer Aldi takes on Wal-Mart, Kroger with US expansion

The only staff at ALDI - which entered the USA market in 1976 - are forklift operators, a cashier or two and possibly a third-party loss-prevention agent, notes Hartman Group, which also noted that "ordinary middle-class Americans", shop there.

"Deep discount chains in the USA are expected to grow by up to 10% a year through 2020, five times the rate of traditional grocers, according to a recent report by consulting firm Bain & Co.", Haddon continues.

The German-owned grocery chain debuted the new design in October at a store in Richmond, Virginia, and it looks nearly identical to Whole Foods' new cheaper chain of stores called 365 by Whole Foods.

Aldi has evolved from its grocery-only model over the years to offering on-trend apparel and home goods, among other basic necessities, and it's even trying to go more sustainable with the products it does have. The store opened at 8:45 eager shoppers, some of whom were familiar with the brand, which has most of its USA stores across the Midwest and Eastern states.

Aldi says the planned growth spurt will make it the third-biggest United States supermarket behind Walmart and Kroger, serving 100 million customers per month. The expansion would see the number of stores increase to 2,500 by 2022. Meanwhile, Lidl, another German chain, will open the first of its planned US stores later this week on the East Coast. Experts note that food prices have already been dropping for 17 straight months due to increasing competition, the longest stretch in over 60 years.

The move could be taken as a direct response to Lidl's U.S. entrance, with Aldi U.S. CEO Jason Hart saying its products will be priced up to 50% cheaper than its competitors ( Lidl has already made the same declaration).

GERMAN giants Aldi and Lidl are set to takeover America's supermarket business with plans to open THOUSANDS of discount stores.

ALDI released their plan to grow more as a company in a Monday news release.

Aldi arrived on US shores in 1976, and now has 1,600 stores in 35 states.

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