Amazon and Whole Foods footprints are remarkably similar — Geographic analysis

"It is likely that Amazon will utilize Whole Foods to even further expand their private label offering". Amazon clearly wants to do to supermarkets what it did to bookstores. It was truly love at first sight ... "These are great people with big hearts and big ideals that wanna make the world a better place and are making the world a better place".

And so we will be joining a company that's visionary.

Whole Foods may just be the beginning. And it was like, "This is gonna be so incredible".

The company recently opened a store on Lakeway Drive in Bellingham.

"Kroger would have to pay in stock, and their stock has been hurting", giving them less leverage to get into a protracted bidding war with Amazon, Culpepper said. "They're not stupid enough to go change that".

Facing its worst crisis since going public in 1992, CEO John Mackey has been trying to reduce expenses and lower prices while preserving the chain's high-end reputation. Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener says the company has no plans to use such sensors to automate the cashier jobs at Whole Foods. "They put the customer first in everything they do and think backwards".

As sales declined at established locations, Whole Foods recently said it was hitting the brakes on expansion and that it no longer saw potential for 1,200 locations. But Mackey promised a big shift in focus.

While most corporate marriages end in relative failure, Amazon's $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods could very well be the birth of a power player in the grocery space. "It is really fascinating to think how the landscape could change if this deal goes through", Giammona says.

What exactly might these innovations be?

The line, according to the transcript, garnered laughter from employees in the room.

A representative for Whole Foods confirmed that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was at the meeting. But they care about their team - their team members, their suppliers, their investors.

The analysts pointed out that while there remains a fear of Amazon entering the United Kingdom, the food retail sector is likely to remain depressed.

Technology is just one way Amazon stands to change Whole Foods and its culture, though. About a year and a half ago, I dreamed that we merged with Amazon.

"It's too early to talk about how benefits and compensation may synch up", Mackey said of the topic, after jesting that Whole Foods employees will get free Amazon devices on merger day.

Whole Foods also might draw a rival offer from one or more large private-equity firms because "there's a tidal wave of money that's sloshing around" in that industry, said Eric Schiffer, chief executive of the Patriarch Organization, a private-equity firm that isn't involved with Whole Foods. "The company didn't say which banner, Whole Foods Market or 365 by Whole Foods, would lead that growth", Michelle Grant, head of retailing at Euromonitor, wrote to Retail Dive in an email.

Whole Foods already has a separate store, called 365, which offers private-label goods and lower prices than its typical formats.

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