Penn State fraternity brothers return to court today

Video expected at hearing in Penn State pledge's death case

Detective: Penn State pledge looked 'like a corpse' after hazing

More than a dozen members of a now banned Penn State Fraternity accused in the death of a pledge, named Timothy Piazza, will go before a Judge today; two of those members are from Erie County.

Eighteen members of the now-shuttered Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Penn State University face... Scicchitano testified that 29 pledges had participated in the previous semester's bid acceptance event - all were under the age of 21. The fraternity also is accused in the death.

Piazza consumed what prosecutors said was a life-threatening amount of alcohol during a hazing ritual on February 2 in State College, Pennsylvania, and he died two days later.

"Of course, this comes right after all of them watching video for five hours of what real cruel and inhumane punishment was when the fraternity brothers essentially murdered our son, tortured him, held him captive and left him for dead over a 12-hour period of time". "As it relates to my client we didn't hear a lot".

The footage had been edited down to about three hours for courtroom presentation, he said.

No one called for help for almost 12 hours after he was first injured.

"This was a very hard day, to state the obvious, for the Piazza family", their family attorney, Tom Kline of Philadelphia, said.

Brothers are seen over the next few hours positioning and repositioning him on the couch to keep him from falling.

Defense attorneys unanimously motioned that the hearing be continued due to the length of Scicchitano's testimony and their ability to properly cross-examine him.

"They believe that there should be punishment for those who committed these crimes", Kline said, according to PennLive. "It did not go unnoticed by me, and more importantly, by the family", he said. He reportedly drank a large amount of alcohol during a hazing ritual that night.

According to, he fell down a flight of stairs multiple times.

DiBileo and 15 other fraternity brothers spent over 10 hours in court listening to evidence.

The video included Piazza stumbling through the house before he was found, hours later, in the basement. He also was seen falling and hitting his head on the stone floor. Surveillance footage showed brothers shaking him and trying to prop him up.

The preliminary hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to county court for trial. "We hope to develop more information during the preliminary hearing process, and beyond, that will demonstrate that numerous charges in this case are just not applicable to the conduct".

Edward Gilmartin, 20, of Scranton, Pennsylvania: Evidence tampering. She pointed out the fraternity had pledges run "the gauntlet" before, resulting in heavily-intoxicated students and injuries from falls.

"They did it before over and over again and people were sick every time", Parks Miller said. "And as a result, they are the cause of Tim coming nearly to a.4 (blood-alcohol content) level of alcohol".

Piazza, suffering a fractured skull, damaged spleen and brain and abdominal bleeding, is clearly distressed, holding his head and his midsection after striking his head repeatedly in a series of falls through the night. The tape showed them carrying him back up from the basement in the morning, then spending about 40 minutes attending to him and milling around before someone finally summoned help.

The detective said, according to the video, no one gave CPR, and there was a lot of talking and anxious looks before someone finally called 911.

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